Our Ministries

Our Lay Leadership
"Among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ:"
                                                                        -Romans 1:6


Steward Board Ministry
2012-2013 Conference Year

Brother William A. Purvis, Pro-tem
Sister Marie Artis

Brother Moses Brown

Sister Joyce Cummings

Sister Keisha Dickson

Sister Bessie Dowling

Brother Peter Felder II

Sister Clemmie F. Hill

Sister Mary James

Sister Minnie Johnson

Sister Shannon Johnson

Sister Yolanda Johnson

Brother P.J. Jones Jr.

Brother James E. Keller

Sister Gertha McFadden

Sister Cynethia E. Page

Sister Bettye R. Stokes

Sister Barbara White

Trustee Ministry
2011-2012 Conference Year

Brother Julius A. Page, Pro-tem  

Brother John H. Grant
Brother Charles Q. Artis   

Sister Lillian Green
Brother Willie Bamberg   

Brother Giles Harris
Brother Maurice Abraham   

Brother Thomas L. Irick
Brother Gregory Branch   

Brother Willie E. Jeffries
Brother Leroy Brunson, Sr.  

  Brother Carl D. Kennerly
Brother Jeffrey Dowling   

Brother James McFadden
Sister Eva S. George    

Brother Curtis Simmons
Sister Patsy Goodwin    

Sister Giselle White-Perry
Sister Dale Evans


Class Leaders Council

Women's Missionary Society
Young People's and Children's Division
Aerobics & Fitness
Altar Guild
Bible Study
Church School
Creative Arts
Facilities Maintenance
Health & Wellness
Praise and Worship Team
Lay Organization
FUSION Outreach
New Members Education

Ministry to Seniors
Pastoral Care
Living Word Litugrical Dance
Public Relations
Son of Allen- Men's Ministry
Vacation Bible School
Willing Workers
Woman II Woman
Women's Auxiliary
Campus Ministry